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WELCOME TO is an advanced e-commerce platform exclusive for footwear products. We established our exclusive footwear business in the year 2004, it’s been nearly fifteen years. So now we are experts in the manufacturing and selling of footwear products.

Our Long Journey

In our long journey, we have learned so much and improved our strategy, and ideas to obtain most sales and better customer satisfaction.

Our Advanced E-Commerce Platform

At Gtrendz E-Com platform we sell our own products and most popular brands. Currently, we ship products all over India. And we are constantly working to bring our platform accessible to other countries.

Our Very Own Brand

We manufacture footwear such as shoes, slippers, sandals, flip-flops for men and women in the name of “G-trendz footwear”. We are one of the best footwear manufacturers in India.

Customer Website

Customers can buy our products online through web version or Gtrendz Android or Gtrendz iOS.

GTrendz Offline

We started as offline business in Coimbatore at early in the year 2004 as “Guna Footwear”. But as of now we had changed our business identity as ” Gtrendz Footwear”.

Note: is not related to Gtrendz Offline, They are two different businesses.


  • Fast Delivery
  • Quality Product
  • Secure Payment
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Order Tracking
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy Return

Seller Dashboard
Advanced Seller Central

GTrendz is a multi-vendor platform, we allow vendors to list and sell their products. That might sound simple you think! At GTrendz we care about our sellers, for example, many E-commerce platforms in India don’t care about their seller’s problems such as customer fraud, returns, commissions, money refund and delivery charges. Sellers don’t have to worry about that in our E-Com platform.

Our Seller Dashboard is one of the most simplest dashboard ever made. With the following features.

  • Easy Inventory
  • Easy Listing And Approval
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Order Management
  • Claims
  • Returns Center
  • Advertising