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Unique Feel

Unique Feel Mens Casual TPR Sandal U SS 487

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Sold by GTrendz Footwear

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Product Description
Type 		                 - Sandal
Lifestyle 	                 - Casual
Closer type                      - Velcro
Occations	                 - Everyday
Upper		                 - Rexine
Bottom		                 - Soft EVA
Sole 		                 - TPR
Toe type                           - Round 

REXINE is a strong coated cloth usually imitating leather and used especially for Footwear upper and bottom material. Which is artificial leather, can be made in any color.
Advantages of this material It is easy to clean and maintain your product. This product lifespan is better.
Disadvantages of this material After a longtime, rigidity is getting lost.
EVA material That is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility which can be used for shoe soles
Advantages of this material High flexibility and keeps you better comfort. High toughness and lifespan are good.
Disadvantages of this material Easily your product gets wrinkles at high temperatures.

TPR is a thermoplastic rubber, also known as TPE soles. At the same time, TPR has the properties of rubber and plastic. 
It is easy to process and form. TPR sole is easy to form, moderate price, gives better grip, generally wear resistance.
Advantages of this material High durable of your product with lightweight. Better temperature resistance makes you comfy.
Disadvantages of this material


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